5 ideas to give your kitchen a refresh

Publish By : admin Publish Date : July 22 28

Well, summer is already here and is considered the best time to refresh your house. Summer brings its own charms as it is a good season to enjoy relaxing time with your family, carry out outdoor activities, barbecue parties, and much more. That means your home should also be ready for some cool family gatherings to make the most of the holiday season. The long days, fresh blooms, and pleasant weather make it the perfect season for a home makeover. 


Refreshing your house does not have to mean renovating everything. The best thing is that not all summer home renovations require extensive time or money to get done. In fact, renovating some portions of your home with quick tips will add value to your home without breaking the bank. So, why not begin with the heart of your home to hit a major refresh? When it comes to the kitchen, it is the most used area of your house that brings you a little joy too. Updating a few accessories and re-styling your own items can make your kitchen feel fresh. Here are five little ways to give your kitchen a refreshing vibe this summer:


Paint the old shelves


Old, outdated shelves can make your kitchen look dull and boring. Painting the shelves is a great idea to make a noticeable and refreshing change in the look of your kitchen. Sometimes, all a kitchen needs are a new vibrant colour scheme. This summer, try adding a pop of colour to your kitchen shelves for an instant upgrade. For that, you do not need to hire an expensive interior designer. If your shelves are functioning properly, you can do a fresh coat of paint yourself in an effective way to refresh the look of your entire kitchen. 


Upgrade the lighting


The kitchen is the place that is continuously in use, so its lighting needs to be regularly checked and upgraded. In addition, it is crucial to pay attention to the repair work of your lights, as lighting can greatly impact your kitchen`s look. Updating your kitchen lights should be for pleasure and help you save money and energy resources. Depending on your kitchen`s interior, there are plenty of quick ideas to incorporate lighting, including recessed lights, track lighting, and LED lights under-cabinet strips. Ideally, chandeliers are also a great option to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen.


Add some plants


An often-forgotten feature in many kitchens is greenery. Adding plants is an easy-peasy way to refresh your kitchen. Summer is the perfect time to place a variety of fresh-looking flowers and plants that are low maintenance. The more effort you put into these plants, the better you will feel about your kitchen`s display. Plants can bring new life to a dull space, and for the kitchen, there are various options to choose from. Our favorite idea is to select edible herbs as they can be practical and beautiful. Planting mint, basil, lemon balm, rosemary, aloe vera, or just placing a vase of fresh flowers can brighten up your kitchen space.


Put a floor rug


You can dramatically change the look of your kitchen with a modern and stylish rug. Putting a floor rug in your kitchen is a simple yet effective way to give the space a fresh vibe. A beautiful rug can cover up damaged flooring, liven up your space, and make your work comfier in the kitchen. If your existing flooring is letting the scheme down, there are various modern kitchen rug ideas at Rugs USA that will give new life to your space. Placing a colourful rug can instantly improve your kitchen, and it would not even cost you an arm and a leg.


Get pretty kitchen decor items


Honestly, this could be a great fun idea! Find new creative ideas to give a beautiful presentation to your kitchen. This is such a quick and helpful way to refresh your kitchen. Getting some pretty but functional items can bring a little charm to your space. For instance, we recommend keeping a vintage napkin holder, a colourful charcuterie board, a new piece of art, a wall clock, and a few decor items that can make your kitchen look a little more special. There are also several fun DIY ways to upgrade old stools and chairs into a stunning new look.