An Organic Substitute For Your Canines Supplements

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Humans need a balanced diet to stay on top of their game, i.e. staying healthy and fit for a more extended period while avoiding unnecessary diseases that disturb our immune system. It has become an integral part of our daily diets, and supplements have become essential to keep the nutritional level at its optimum level. Things should not be any different for your canine friend. While getting quality feed is necessary, it alone is not enough to support your dog`s nutritional needs.

And Unlike most feeds, supplements are not one type that fits. Each supplement answers to a specific persisting problem with your dog. Before we get to which supplements you should opt for, dogs well being. Let`s focus on why supplements are vital for your dogs.

Why Are Supplements Important For Dogs?

Many dogs that are fed good commercial diets might not even require supplements. There are always certain ingredients that famous feed producers miss out on, and supplements can be used to substitute the nutritional needs. However, it still is not the answer to every problem. Here is what you should expect from supplements. 

Which Type Of Supplements To Use?

Numerous supplements in the market include harmful and inorganic ingredients that can harm your dog`s overall health. Even though most over-the-counter supplements go through FDA approval. There are several products available on the market that are still not approved by the FDA. A recent study by the New York Times proved that almost 33% of the supplements on the market do not use the same ingredients mentioned on the label but are a substitute for the good.

Unless you opt for a conventional and trustworthy manufacturer of supplements opting for herbal options like paw healer is the safer bet. 

Instead of rolling the dice with the ingredients of the conventional supplements, most herbal supplements are much more beneficial and come with a lesser risk of making the problems worse for your canine friend. 

Which Herbs Are Safe For Your Dogs

Just because herbal supplements are the safer choice does not mean that you should not consult a vet before using them. Nonetheless, some herbs can provide benefits to your dogs without raising a concern about their health.






The Important thing to keep in mind while narrowing down your possible options for herbal supplements. Please consult your vet on your visit and let them know about the supplements you are providing your pets and their conditions. There are plenty of trustworthy supplement options (i.e. Pawhealer), but it would not hurt to be aware of the product you are getting.