Top 10 Destinations You Should Visit This Summer

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"Summer" the word itself gives off the bloomy vibe and sets you in the vacation mood. The weather and the days off are just above our heads in perfect harmony, calling us to make the call. As great as the idea of vacationing is, good diving without any research is a dangerous task that I would not recommend. You could not only end up blowing money over a destination you will not, but it will also set your tone for the start of the next fiscal year. I know narrowing down the options and curating a list of the best summer destinations is tedious. A task I have managed to take care of for you, so all you need is a quick five-minute read to decide on a place to go for this summer. These top summer destinations worldwide will turn a day out in a foreign land into a tremendous adventure. The list contains options for luxurious and pocket-friendly options from various places around the world, each being a different experience from the other one. Embark on the best summer trip of 2022 with these famous destinations worldwide.

Top 10 Summer Destinations

There is a whole world outside of the USA. While the USA is a great place to live, I am not sure whether I would want to vacation against the water coming from the pacific ocean. And even when it`s a relatively higher temperature, vacationing in the United States is expensive. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the best summer of your life.

Cappadocia - where the sky turns balloons (literally)

Siem Reap - Great for late-night strolls.

Barcelona - Partying, nightlife, city lights.

Koh Samui - Beach party and cocktails.

Iceland - The Land of Color.

Pokhara -  The land of mountains.

Hunza - Heaven on Earth.

Tahiti - A different breed of the island.

Colorado - Heaven In Summer.

Prague - A sweet symphony of history, music and buildings.

Cappadocia, Turkey- Where The Sky Turns Balloons


The place has some incredible sights to offer, at the very least to capture a glimpse of everything in the city and taste all the flavors, and you need a bit more than two days. The city has one of the most impressive sceneries in the world, and its fairytale-like scenery includes dwellings, remarkable rock formations and the things which the city is most known for, "The Hot air-Balloons.". Vacationing at Cappadocia turkey also lets you get familiar with the surroundings and get around with its distinct artifacts and long hauled ruling history.

Hunza, Pakistan- The Heaven On Earth