Terms and Conditions

Welcome to theshoppingeaze! These terms and conditions have been created to safeguard your rights and ensure the safety of the content collected from you. It also entails information about the legal obligations of you as an individual and the company course of conducting their business.

The terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement conducts the services made available by theshoppingeaze. Terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement will represent the understanding between “the Company (We, us, our)” and the customer or an individual who takes advantage of the services referred to in the agreement as “you”.

Before availing our services, we would recommend every individual to thoroughly read the terms and conditions carefully as the agreement is legally binding and refers to obligations of the customers and the entity.


By availing our services, you agree to act in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement. Before availing and making use of our services please ensure that you have gone through the policy thoroughly. The company can terminate the use of services provided to any one at any time without giving any prior notice if they act against the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement, violates any of the course of conduct or possess a threat to company.

Referral Tracking:

Theshoppingeaze at the website will have specific referral links on advertisements and content to third party platforms. The company will be tracking the users who visit the website through the referral link, by using our services you consent to the entity tracking you. The company is not allowed to amend the cookies without notice to its consumers.

Who Can Use The Platform:

We want our services to be as open and inclusive as possible, but we also want it to be safe to surf around the website securely. That is why in accordance with the law, we are restricting the use of services to individuals only if you fulfill the following criteria

 You must be 13 years of age

 We have not terminated the use of our service to you in case of any violation of the agreement or policies.

 You can not be a convicted sex offender.

 You are allowed by law to receive our services.

Individuals Conduct To Our services:

You Consent to Not Utilize the Services to:

 Violate any of the mentioned or applicable laws mentioned in “Terms and condition” And “Privacy policy” 

 Implicate yourself as someone else to make use of our services.

 Publish, share, or post any content that is sexually explicit and goes against the policies mentioned in the privacy policy or anything that can interpreted as obsennce, invasive to someone else’s privacy and is racially profiling, ethnical hurtful or in any other case objectionable.

 Sharing any content that could trigger copyright laws and is in violation of the copyright laws or is an intellectual property of someone else other than themselves.

 Sharing advertisements on the platform or different solicitations that have nothing to do with the entity without seeking any permission from the services.

 Expose the platform to any viruses or threats, encrypted files, programs, content or pictures designed to corrupt or limit the functionality of the services and other users

 Cause harm to the entity services and explicit damage to the content on the website.

 Try or gain unauthorized access to the services or its servers, or network systems.

Governing Law:

We want to enhance your shopping experience and ensure that it is done efficiently while taking your regards and issues into consideration. To share your feedback, you can contact us at  admin@theshopppingeaze.com.

Any claims arising from legal dispute or in relation with these terms and conditions should be treated as per the laws of California. By using the services, you agree to settle legal disputes in the federal or state courts where the laws of California are applicable.

Limitation Of Liability:

We and our team work hard to provide and compile the coupons, curate the content and come up with the best tips and hacks for you to optimize your way of living. The products and services displayed on the platform are “as is” on the third-party websites. However, we make no guarantee that the content shared on the platform will be error-free, is free from disruptions, the codes will work all the time, is safe, secure or without any imperfections or delays. To the extent mentioned in the law,


We do not control the content established on third party websites and any website that you can be led to by clicking on the referral links. We do not direct nor control the content that is displayed on third party websites, neither share any responsibility or take liability for the established pictures and content.

We cannot in any way make accurate predictions where issues from our services may arise. Accordingly, our liability is only limited to the content shared on Theshoppingeaze and only applicable under law. And under no circumstance we can be or will be held liable to you or any third-party merchant or vendor or affiliate, for the loss, profits, information, data, punitive, hidden, or explicit damages arising out of our relation to these terms.

Intellectual Property Clauses Or Your Right To Use Services:

Theshoppingeaze gives you a personal worldwide, royalty-free, free of fee, non-transferable, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to use the service. The License and Rights are only to use the services for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Every content and image that is displayed on the website is the sole property of theshoppingeaze and nothing on gives you the right to use the service, the information, images, content and coupons available on the services for personal gain, commercial purposes. Any feedback, suggestions or comments you might provide regarding the services is entirely free to use such comments as we deem fit and hold no obligation to you.

Contact Information:

We welcome and appreciate the comments, questions, and suggestions you have for theshoppingeaze.

The Company responsible the services is theshoppingeaze LTD and for any suggestions or comments you can reach out to us at admin@theshoppingeaze.com.

Third Party Advertisements, Content And Promotions:

The services and the content on the platform might contain links to third party websites, an appropriate disclosure will be made every time a link is placed in the content for promotions or for marketing and advertising purposes.

Theshoppingeaze has no control over the third-party content and advertisements, while we do our due diligence before making certain publications on our website. While we display the advertisements for networks, stores and vendors, it is vital to understand that the advertisements are subject to change.

Theshoppingeaze cannot be held for any advertisements, content and the claims made on third party platforms. We in absolute surety cannot confirm nor stand behind any claims made by third party platforms


Theshoppingeaze reserves the right to change the above-mentioned terms and conditions at any point of time without providing any prior notice to its users. However anytime there are changes made to above mentioned terms and conditions it will be displayed on this page of the website. Please review the updated date before you make use of the services. By using our services, you give consent to comply with all the above-mentioned terms and condition


Updated: 19/08/2022