Preserve Memories in A Star Map

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In the latest trend, everyone is obsessed with the idea of the star map. Star maps are the movements or placement of stars that can be incorporated into your special moments.

But the question remains.

What Is A Star Map?

The star map is a unique ornamental frame that displays the image of the sky at the precise time and location you select, whether it`s your birthday, the birth of a kid, your first kiss, your anniversary, or any significant occasion.

How Might One Determine the Day`s Star Patterns?

You may make a poster with a unique sky map using the Online Star map. In other words, you may depict the sky on a billboard for a specific day in your life. Stars and constellations that could be seen in the sky at a particular time and place represent each night.

So, How Do You Create My Own Star Chart?

The sophisticated computer software that can access and sort through the pertinent astronomical data is used to construct each online star map star chart.

The galactic coordinates and size/brightness of any star visible to the unaided eye from any location on Earth are pertinent information. Alternatively put, the stars that make up the night sky. Naturally, because the Earth itself is not static and rotates around the sun, the positions of each star are continually shifting. Our technology can determine a star`s coordinates at your chosen time. For your map, you can select any time, date, and year (within reason!).

Where Is the Source of the Raw Data?

To guarantee pinpoint precision, we employ astronomical data cross-referenced from various sources. The Hipparions Catalogue, which compiles the data obtained by the scientific satellite of the same name, is one example of authority. This European Space Agency project pioneered precision astronomy and produced a wealth of information on the location and motion of celestial objects. More than 100,000 stars were cataloged in the resultant high-precision catalog. The list of illustrious names doesn`t stop there, either. The source of many additional data sets we utilize is NASA.

How Is the Star Map to Be Read?

On star charts, the stars are shown as dots or, more precisely, circles. The brightness of stars is typically displayed on star charts using various point sizes. The brightest stars, seen without a matte, are the most prominent spots.


How Is A Sky Map Made?

Put the day, the hour in the hour, and the minute in the date/time (local time) menu. Print the map and hold it over your head, facing you, during observation. Pay close attention to the guiding principles: The letter will symbolize the East.

Purpose Of Constellations

Constellation Ursa Major is a group of stars near one another, visible from Earth, and situated in a defined sky. a gathering of individuals who stand out for their excellence, talent, or fame

Get Your Star Maps Customized By Online Star Maps:

They provide services that will make your event more special.

1.       Quick And Simple Creation

The star map gift that made your heart skip a beat may be made quickly and easily.

2.       Unique Style

Create your unique star chart, whatever you like. Whether the Milky Way is visible or not, whether it is black or blue, is entirely up to you!

3.       A one-of-a-kind item

Your memorable moment`s location and timing are shown on your sky chart. To make it more significant, add even more personalization.

The Sky On My Birthday? How Was It?

Enter the day and month of your birth at the online star maps portal to locate your birthday photo. A card containing information about the star and the year the shot was immediately presented alongside the space image.

On Your Birthday, How Can You View The Sky?

It is among the sky`s most robust radio emission sources, which takes you to the NASA website, to view it for free.

How Do You Identify Stars?

Celestial Chart is an application that uses the camera on your smartphone to display stars and constellations in the night sky. This astronomy program also displays significant celestial bodies based on where you are.

Are You Still Uncertain - How Certain Can Someone Be That This Isn`t A Scam?

We wouldn`t merely ask you to believe what we say. Compare the findings you acquire on the  Online star maps website with other independent results if you want to be sure we`re serious about the accuracy of our celestial maps.

This evening, you only need to observe the most trustworthy data source available: the night sky itself! Using our configurator, enter your location, the date and time of today, and then step outdoors and gaze up. The constellations you observe in the sky will match those on your computer screen. You must pick which is more attractive.