The Best List Of Cooking Essentials

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From an everyday takeout individual to becoming a home chef it meant spending more time in the kitchen and all for the well being of yourself and the health of your loved ones is well worth it. However to make it I needed essentials, basic things to chop dice, and slice, and many other necessities one would require in the kitchen.

Making a list of cooking essential items was not something on the top of my mind. But with the clutter that has been piling up in my kitchen, I decided to be a little organized and work out something for the betterment of the room available in the kitchen. Taking the help of my friends, family, and colleagues on social media platforms to organize myself. In doing so I thought of your guys and realized that this is not an individual problem. Rather Faced by many people. 

Having people from all over the world take part in the poll of `list of cooking essentials` and the tools they can not manage without. Soon I realized that the responses I got are something all of us should benefit from.

Having people from all over the world take part in the poll of `list of cooking essentials` and the tools they can not manage without. Soon I realized that the responses I got are something all of us should benefit from.

Cutting Boards

As the name suggests the board is used for cutting various items on it. But the main reason for using the cutting board is the grip and durability it brings to the kitchen. A good quality cutting board is often multipurpose and can be used as serving trays. It comes with a groove as the cutting vegetables and fruits causes a loss of juice and the groove helps in increasing the hygiene.

Nonstick Frying Pan

A non stick pan is a versatile item that you will be using to cook breakfast and make bacon and eggs or pancakes. It does not matter whether you are frying vegetables, searing meat, or making the sauce you need. We recommend buying a set of two so you can cook more than one item at a time to speed up the process and not to use metal utensils over the pans as it can reduce the life of the pans.

Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears look like scissors and are used to cut herbs, cut open food packages and break down poultry. But that`s not all the shears are good. The benefit added to the life of a home chef can not be summarized or briefly explained. From cleaning chives over the stem to cutting onions in mushrooms in the hot cooking put, there are several moments when kitchen shears will come in handy.

Microplane Grater

A Microplane grater is a tool that will come in handy to bring out the Italian in you every time you are looking to butter up the chicken or grating cheese. Ginger, garlic, and any other hard object you would like to crush into small pieces. Micro plane grater will do the job for you and save tons of time on these tasks.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Unless you plan on using your own cooking book, sticking to one and following various recipes will require taking measures to scale, this is where measuring cups and spoons come in. Getting the quantities right is essential to cooking the perfect dish. Any time you think about scooping spices and putting in dried herbs this will be your go to item.


Every time you see bristles over fruit or think of peeling an orange and removing the skin of the potato using a knife is a pain. Peeler will remove flesh from fruits, vegetables, firm fruits, and thin slices. While setting up a kitchen peeler is one of the most standard products you can add to the list of essentials.


Tongs will be your saviour when it comes to avoiding heat, cooking on open stoves, and grilling items. They come in different sizes and lengths. However, using long handled ones while cooking for items that involve is preferred, whereas the scissor types are great for smaller food items. Make sure to get tongs with scalloped gripping parts and non stick friendly plastic coating over metal tongs, to avoid ruining your pans.

Can Opener

It is essential you would not like to forget. Often food items are canned to avoid them from going bad and increase their useful life, which is why most of your food might be canned. Initially, it was used to just open cans with ease, but with innovation, it has turned out to be an integral part of the kitchen. It now can be mounted on walls, act as a knife sharpener, and a place to hold most of your tools.

Stand Mixer

There is only so much that can be done with forks and spoons. You can not mix viscous items without exhausting yourself. It should come as no surprise that the stand mixer made the list. The Stand mixer relies on a gear driven spinner to rotate the items in the bowls. And Comes quite handy for hands free baking and cooking. This versatile tool will help you in mixing and mashing: Vegetables, Meat, Frosting, dough and so much more, while keeping you and your kitchen mess free.

Wooden Spoons

Once again, like many of the items listed above wooden spoons come in various shapes and sizes. Each type and size can be put to a different use. It not only delivers you excellent grip for cooking but makes stirring pots easier and it comes rather handy to scrape the burnt pieces of the non stick pans. Their non reactive nature to heat makes the food friendly, meaning no adverse effects on the food. They are beautiful heat insulators and can be put to several uses without worrying about the release of harmful chemicals(like plastic spoons).

However, the only downside to it is that it can sometimes hold on to flavors, which only means that it requires extensive scrubbing.

There are some other items including baking sheets, high quality blenders which will turn out to be a useful tool, and food processors for smaller and bigger items that I left off the list. Just because I thought there are enough items on the list that can be used as a substitute for these items. However, If there is anything you would like me to add and it is part of your essentials do let me know.