Tips And Tricks For Cheapest Accommodations For Your Vacations

Publish By : admin Publish Date : April 22 13

Accommodations are a big part of your holiday; however, putting your foot down on which one can be intimidating, especially when the most significant expenses of your travel are flight fares and accommodations. You would want to choose wisely. The task is no holiday and can easily frustrate you with all the other shenanigans that fall upon you once you start planning a trip. Caretaking of the house, planning itineraries, deciding on travel dates, and the most challenging one is deciding on the accommodations.

Considering you have zero familiarity with the destination you`re planning to travel to, hotels` rates vary according to the amenities and services they render. Among these, the other detrimental to the hotel costs are location, the demand influx, and the supply of places available to stay. The price all around the year changes based on the above factors. Visiting a site during popular times might make you pay more than what it`s worth.

God bless the comparison websites that have made things easier for us to find the right season to travel in, yet there is a long list of those websites as well. But regardless of them, I have narrowed down some note-worthy tips for our excited readers.

Get Familiar With The Destination

It is essential to know your destination, and when I say know, I mean during what time of the year is it most booked. The odds are you are more likely to score yourself a deal traveling during the off-seasons than in peak season.

During this investigation phase be vary of visiting the same website twice. Some of these price comparison websites have been known to collect cookies and use them to jack up the prices every time you revisit the website. While you can not completely eliminate the odds of it happening to you, you can start using incognito mode to reduce the chances. Using the private way means that Google will not track your location and the sites you find yourself upon.

Platforms like, Sky Scanner, TripAdvisor, and Expedia are commonly used to find the best deals. Once you have the agreement and name of the place, try calling the accommodations directly as they might be able to offer you even better prices as it will help them save some on the fees.

Adjustable schedule

Try planning your vacation earlier, with room left to switch days. Moving days of the week and even a couple of weeks of your vacation dates can change the entire outlook of your expenses. Plus, if you are lucky, you might be able to savor a couple of deals through

If you haven`t already locked in on your flight schedule, that is to say. Also, Booking a couple of months earlier may land you the chance of free cancellation, which gives you the room to explore more options.


I know it sounds a bit shady… but trust me on this. Many Hotel accommodators split their markets as per the budgets of their customers. A consumer operating from the USA might pay a couple of hundred dollars extra Than the local resident. It is because of the difference in foreign currency and exchange rates. Using a VPN and booking from a relatively cheaper location than your own can cause a substantial difference in the rates. It might even make you eligible for some discounted prices and coupons. You can always book through, where you can find discounts as per your liking and preferences.

Sound Confident

There are various discounts available for people working in big corporations. Check with your boss/ manager whether they have discounts available for the booking at specific accommodations. You can find deals if you work at big corporations.

Also, while making bookings asking for the "cheapest available rates" as the company may not provide you with the best possible options, asking for rates by the cheapest available room with non-refundable deposits means you are serious about booking here and from there onwards, work on negotiating the prices for your duration of the stay.

Plan A More Extended Stay

Instead of picking out three different hotels to save some driving time, picking the same hotel and staying there for at least a day can help you get acquainted with some deals. Often there are deals for a two-night package and an extra day at the price of two.

Be sure to make your stay over Saturday or Sunday nights. Most hotels are packed during the weekdays due to business meetings, but booking is cheaper at weekends.

There are other tricks on the table, such as signing up for reward cards and using couch surfing apps, but it either requires a tad long-term commitment from your end or sharing the available space with some, which endangers your privacy. These are some of the best hacks.

However, many of you might be concerned about VPN usage to make bookings. Need not worry, as it is entirely legal to do so, and no action can be taken otherwise.